Domaine Georges Vernay Condrieu “Les Chaillees de l’Enfer” 2014

Vintage: 2014, Size: 750ml, Bottles: 12

Condrieu « Les Chaillees de l’Enfer »

Vintage :2009, 2011, 2013, 2014
Grape : Viognier
Aging : oak barrels on fine lees for 12 to 15 months
Facts : organic viticulture, over 50 years old vines. The term “Chaillées” comes from regional dialect meaning ‘rocky’ and is in reference to the dry stone walls that form the terraces of this plot. In times gone by those who traversed the plot would often be heard to say “On est à l’Enfer” ’ We are in hell’, in reference to the intense heat one would be made to endure owing to the plots south facing exposition and thus this is how “Les Chaillées d’Enfer” ‘ The Terraces of Hell’ comes by its name.

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